Can cry no more

The day you walked away from me, you confirmed all of my greates fears.

Each time I think of you my eyes slightly swell with tears.

I will never forget the way those words rang in my ears.

I loved you like I never loved before.

Even if I try I can cry no more.

5.11.06 14:37


I look at you, in a tearstained face.

I talk with you, but you don't answer.

I try to comfort you, but you just look at me uncomprehending.

I tenderly stroke your face, but in place of warm and soft skin

I just touch the cold glass of the mirror.

5.10.06 20:33

Without you

I love that rain on my tearstained face.
It makes everything feel so clean.
Not knowing what to do but to cry for you.
Why'd you have to go and leave me here to die without you ?
I could have been by your side as death slowly swallowed you whole,
but you pushed me away, pushed me to live this life without you.
And now I mourn and wait for death...
...waiting to see you again...
5.9.06 17:25


Pain is the great sculptor which makes us who we are.
It moulds and shapes a shell around our backs, enabling us to cope when the perfect is suddenly found to be imperfect, when the truths we've been lead to believe are stripped away, revealing the foundation of lies that dwells beneath them.
All it asks in return is the pleasure of physical control, dictating when we sit, when we stand, how often we fall, how fiercely we bleed, how loudly we scream.

We've sold our souls for the privilege of knowing the world we live in is a barbaric wasteland that cuts through dreams like stalks of wheat.
17.8.06 23:20

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